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      *The Local Report – Lindy & Grundy Local, Pastured & Organic Meats

      May 2, 2011


      7.7 miles, about 20 minutes from my home in Atwater Village.

      Lindy & Grundy, Local, Pastured & Organic Meats opened a few weeks ago in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles.  The shop which was sorely needed and highly anticipated opended to throngs of customers and rave reviews.  Owned by wife-and-wife team, Erika Nakamura and Ameila Posada, Lindy Grundy (as it’s affectionately called), only sells pastured and organic meats sourced within 150 miles.  “Lindy” and “Grundy” are the women’s nicknames: Lindy is Posada aka the Shop Mama, and Grundy is Nakamura aka Meat Maven.  The Tokyo born Nakamura learned the butchering trade from Josh Applestone of Fleisher’s Grass-fed & Organic Meats, a sustainable butcher in upstate New York.  Posada, a native of the Los Angeles-area, oversees the day-to-day operation of the shop, and is also a food activist committed to teaching America how to eat.

      Lindy Grundy practices nose-to-tail butchering, allowing them to use the whole animal which produces very little waste.  The small, family farms they source their meat and poultry from never use antibiotics or hormones, and the grass the animals eat is not treated with pesticides or herbicides.  In addition to the beef, pork, lamb and poultry they carry, they make their own sausages and charcuterie.  Because they only sell from whole animals running out of stock is always a possibility which happened in their first week.  The anticipation in the community was such that by the end of the first week of business they had sold out of almost their entire stock.  This is not only a good sign, it’s a great one.  It speaks to the high-quality one can expect when shopping at Lindy & Grundy.

      Los Angeles can never have too many small, neighborhood, and in this case artisan butchers so welcome to Lindy & Grundy, and best wishes for much success.

      Lindy & Grundy Local, Pastured & Organic Meats, 801 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046, 323-951-0804,

      **A version of this article was first published in Honest Cooking, April 14, 2011.

      *The Local Report(s): are occasional blog posts on restaurants, and/or businesses that either support the idea of one-hundred miles, and ‘living life locally’; or are small, localized businesses in my neighborhood, and/or within one-hundred miles of my residence, that I prefer to support over the larger, national, corporate chains. For other The Local Report(s) please go the Archives section of this blog. Also, I’d love to hear from my readers about businesses that they support in their neighborhoods: write to me at, or leave a comment here.

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      #2 – Los Angeles ~ Sunday, May 15, 1 pm – 5 pm, ~ Taste of the Eastside 2011, an all-star regional tasting event with a diverse array of Eastside restaurants at Barnsdall Art Park.

      My Status:  Enjoying the arrival of spring in So Cal and the new spring produce: artichokes, asparagus, peas, spring garlic.  Continuing to blog, cook, and eat.

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      4 Comments on “*The Local Report – Lindy & Grundy Local, Pastured & Organic Meats”

      1. Kristen says:

        I love to hear of such places! It is so reassuring to know that there are throngs of people who are excited about real, sustainable, local foods! Thanks for sharing, I wish I was close enough to be a customer.

        Also congrats on being a contributing writer for Honest Cooking, that is super!

      2. Kristen: It’s a great place. I wish you were close enough to be a customer too! Thanks much for the congrats on Honest Cooking. It’s been a lot of fun to date.

      3. Gastronomer says:

        Only 7.7 miles from your house? I am very jealous. I need a sustainable butcher in my ‘hood badly.

      4. 2 things: Love them b/c I’ve been spooked lately with all the food coming from overseas countries with horrible track records (I’m lookin’ at you China); “Nose to Tail” … does that mean the chuckle too? (If you don’t know, try

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